Because you’re unique, the financial advice you’ll receive from us will be designed for you, based on what you want in life. We’ll take a step-by-step approach to help you reach your goals.

We may make recommendations about your day-to-day money management or make suggestions to help you make the most of your financial potential. We can also take actions on your behalf if that’s what you prefer.

Our seven-step process

You’ll always have control and decide whether to stop, change or continue any of the recommendations we make. Our advice process involves seven key steps:

Step 1An initial meeting helps you find out about us and helps us get to know you.
Step 2We’ll ask you for information so we can understand who you are and what you’re aiming to achieve.
Step 3We’ll help you clarify your goals.
Step 4We evaluate your financial situation and formulate specific recommendations which we present in your financial plan we develop for you.
Step 5We discuss our recommendations with you and ascertain how you feel about them.
Step 6Your plan can now be put into action. We begin executing the agreed actions and help you make any changes you agree to make.
Step 7If you would like us to, we can periodically review your objectives, achievements and ongoing needs.



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